Help us make The American Legion even stronger !
The American Legion was founded in 1919 and is the nations largest veterans service organization.  As one of our newest members, we care about you and your opinion.  Please take a moment to answer the questions below.  Response to all questions is optional and will remain anonymous.
Your help can assist us in making The American Legion an organization that supports your values.
Age (Please choose only one)
A 18-34D 65-79
B 35-49E 80 and over
C 50-64
Branch of Service  (Check all that apply)
A Army D Marines
B NavyE Coast Guard
C Air Force F Merchant Marines
Member Status (Please choose only one)
A  New (first-time) Member
B  Previous/Former Member within past 3 years
C  Previous/Former Member more than 3 years ago
Interest Level (Please choose only one)
A  I enjoy being a card-carrying member at the national level and am not interested
 in affiliation with a local post.
B  I'd like to be associated with a local post, however I am not interested in active
 involvement at this time.
C  I'd like to be actively involved at a local level.
How did you first learn of The American Legion ?
(Please choose only one)
A  Friend/Family Member
B  Local Post in my community
C  Package in the mail
D  Legion Program (Boys State, Legion Baseball, etc.)
Which factors most influenced you to join The American Legion ?
(Please choose no more than three)
A  Someone asked me to join
B  An offer to join in the mail
C  Local post or community program(s)
D  Friends or family members belong
E  Pride in my military service
F  Fellowship with other veterans
G  Patriotic values - Pride in America
H  Information on the internet
I  American Legion benefits and discounts
J  Legislative efforts for active-duty troops and veterans
K  Programs for youth
L  Programs for veterans
M  Programs for active-duty troops
N  The free gift for joining
O  Other
  I would like someone to contact me about transferring to a nearby post.
In order for us to contact you, please enter your Member ID number found on your Membership Card and a phone number or email address where we can reach you.
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